Instagram allows your followers to ask you questions with new 'Interactive Questions Sticker' feature

Photo: Instagram PRess

Photo: Instagram PRess

Today, Instagram brings forth an Interactive Questions Sticker feature. Existing with Stories, the feature allows your followers to submit a question to ask you.

You can use the feature by first taking a photo or video and selecting the Interactive Questions Sticker from the sticker tray. You can customize the prompt or leave it as the default language of "Ask me a question." Once the Story is posted, your followers can tap on the sticker and reply to it by typing in a question. Their question will appear in your Story viewer list. When you answer the question, your answer, as well as the question, will appear in a new Story. However, the person who asked you the question will remain private. 

The Interactive Questions Sticker is a great way to engage with your followers. This is especially true for Influencers, who often do Q&As. Instead of answering questions via a live stream or one-offs via DMs, Influencers can easily utilize the Interactive Questions Sticker, which not only allows them to engage with their followers by answering their questions as well as create additional content within the Stories feed.  

Instagram may have taken the Stories concept from Snapchat, but they haven't lacked innovation when it comes to putting their own spin on the content format.  

SOURCE: Instagram Press