Instagram Adds A Personalized Emoji Shortcut Bar For Commenting

Photo: Instagram 

Photo: Instagram 

Instagram recently took to its Twitter account to announce its newest feature, a personalized emoji shortcut bar for quick and easy commenting. The feature has been in testing since May but is now being rolled out to all users across Android and iOS devices. 

Now, when you go to leave a comment on a post, a bar featuring eight of your most-used emojis on Instagram will appear above the comment box. For those who don't use emojis, the shortcut bar will preload with the following eight emojis: ❤️🙌🔥👏😢😍😮😂.

The shortcut bar is only available when you're leaving comments so you won't see it when writing a caption for a post, sending a a direct message or anywhere else in the app. However, if the shortcut bar leads to an increase in emoji usage, don't be surprised if the photo/video-sharing app adds it elsewhere. 

In other Instagram news, last month, it started testing a Recommended For You feature to help users find content that they like.  

SOURCE: Instagram