Previews Of IGTV Videos Will Now Appear In Instagram's Main Feed

IGTV previews in Instagram Feed

Instagram has announced that previews of IGTV videos will now appear in the main feed. As a result, when someone you follow releases a new IGTV video, a one minute version of it will show up in your feed. In the bottom left of the video will be a small tappable IGTV icon, which will take you to the full version of the video available in the IGTV section of the app.

This is the latest move the platform has rolled out in an effort to grow IGTV viewership. Previously, it gave users the option to share their IGTV videos in Instagram Stories.

Despite the initial excitement for IGTV, the vertical video platform has been somewhat of a disappointment. What was once thought to be a potential game-changer, has yet to prove its worth especially to content creators who are looking to monetize their efforts.

IGTV previews in the feed may help in the short run with getting users to check out IGTV videos on here and there , but on the other hand, it likely annoy most users who see it as additional clutter.

If IGTV is ever going to be the platform that Instagram imagined it to be, the popular photo/video sharing app is going to need to do much more than just roll out a new features. Personally, I think it comes down to two things: giving content creators an incentive to create content for IGTV and everyday users a reason to watch IGTV content. It can accomplish these two things by allowing content creators to monetize their videos through advertisements in similar fashion to YouTube and teaming up with brands and influencers for exclusive shows that are only available on IGTV.

I think these along with a search function that allows users to easily discover video content that may be interested in would help greatly improve IGTV.

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