Google is rolling out its A.I.-powered Google Lens feature to iOS devices

Google Lens

Over the next week, Google will roll out Google Lens, its A.I.-powered feature in Google Photos, for iOS. The company made the annoucement last Thursday (March 15th) via Twitter

Using artificial intelligence, Google Lens is a visual search feature that analyzes objects in a smartphone photo and provides search results or relevant information about it.

The feature can be used on various objects including landmarks, buildings, books, plants, animals, paintings in a museum, business cards, flyers, and billboards. For an example, when used on landmarks, Google Lens will provide details such as address, hours of operation, historical facts, and ratings.

Photo: Google 

Photo: Google 

Google Lens debuted last year on the Google Pixel. Earlier this month, Google made it available for non-Pixel Android devices.  If you're interested in trying out Google Lens on your iPhone or  iPad device, you can do so by downloading the Google Photos app here for free.