Google Brings AR To YouTube With ‘AR Beauty-Try-On’ Feature That Lets Viewers Virtually Try On Makeup

GIF: YouTube Blog

GIF: YouTube Blog

After recently bringing AR (augmented reality) to Search, Google will now bring it to YouTube in the form of a recently announced feature called AR Beauty-Try-On.

Using machine learning and AR technology, the feature lets viewers virtually try on makeup as they watch tutorials and reviews by YouTube influencers and creators. The feature works by creating a split-screen with the top half playing YouTube content and the bottom-half showing the viewer through a front-facing camera with a variety of virtual products running across the bottom.

Testing the feature with several beauty brands, YouTube found that 30 percent of viewers activated the AR experience when it was available in the YouTube iOS app. In addition, those viewers were relatively active, spending more than 80 seconds trying on virtual lipstick shades.

Currently, the feature is in alpha and available through YouTube’s FameBit, Google’s in-house branded content platform. MAC Cosmetics will be the first official brand to launch a campaign with AR Beauty Try-On.

Google isn’t the first platform to offer AR experiences for makeup, yet it’s notable as it’s focused on providing brands and influencers the opportunity to utilize it to run campaigns.

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SOURCE: Google Blog