Facebook starts to roll out new 'Lists' feature to encourage more personal content

Photo: Facebook 

Photo: Facebook 


As of today, Facebook is giving users a new way to post status updates with a feature called Lists. The new feature is the company’s latest attempt at getting users to share more personal content, falling in line with its December announcement,  which it said it would be prioritizing personal content over branded content in the News Feed. 

As the name of the feature suggests, Lists gives users the ability to create a list of their choosing such as places they would like to travel, their goals for the year or their favorite sports teams. These lists can be bulleted or numbered and customized with various color backgrounds and emojis. Similar to other status updates, friends can react to and comment on lists. In addition, they can "clone" (save) them for access later. 

At the moment, Android users can create lists while iOS users only have viewing capability. There is no word when iOS users will have the ability to create lists but it could be a while as the global rollout to all users is expected to be a slow one. 

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