Facebook Releases A New 'Instagram Creator Guide' Featuring Tips On How To Make The Most Of The Platform

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

Facebook recently took to its Discover Blog and published a new Instagram Creator Guide featuring tips to help you make the most of the popular platform. The guide focuses on how to use the latest features across the platform and ultimately, build your following.

You can find notable excepts from the guide below:

Keep It Real:

  • Be conversational and authentic in your captions, and share exclusive content that fans can't see from anyone else, like behind-the-scenes photos and videos.

Post Frequently & Get Creative:

  • Posting frequently ensures your fans will see your content. Make a goal of posting at least once across Feed, Stories, Live and IGTV per week.

Get Closer To Your Fans:

  • There's many ways to have a dialog with fans across Stories, Live, Feed and IGTV. Take a moment today to like a comment or respond with a few words.

Be A Storyteller:

  • Consider fun ways to share more than one moment, like posting multiple photos and videos in one feed post or using a countdown sticker to build momentum to a big moment.

Branded Content 1,2, 3’s:

  • Work with brands whose products you genuinely enjoy working with. It should feel like a fit for your voice and Instagram presence to truly resonate with your fans.

IGTV: Be There First:

  • Pro tip! Get into the action to hook viewers right away. In order to count as a view, your fans need to watch at least 3 seconds of your video.

Steps To Promote Your IGTV Video:

  • Get more people to discover your IGTV video by promoting it across Stories, Feed and Live. 

While the tips in the guide are fairly generic and have been shared previously in one form or another, it’s worth noting that they are coming directly from Facebook and as a result, should be considered.

You can read the full Instagram Creator Guide here.

SOURCE: Facebook