Facebook Reveals New Music Features To Make It Easier For Users To Connect

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

Facebook is making it easier for users to connect through music with Music on Facebook Stories, the expansion of Lip Sync Live and Songs on Profile.

The company revealed the trio of music updates in a recent blog post, stating, “Sometimes the right words to fit your mood, feeling, or personality can be hard to find. So today, we’re announcing new ways for people to express themselves and share their love of music on Facebook.”

Music on Facebook Stories:


Users can add a song to photos or videos that they share to Facebook Stories as well as in the News Feed.

Expansion of Lip Sync Live:


Lip Sync Live is being expanded to “all profiles in many countries around the world. A Lyrics feature that will make it easier for users to sing along to their favorite songs will be added soon. Additionally, artists and creators will be given access to the feature on their Facebook Pages, giving them a new way to connect with their fans.

Songs on Profile:

Top of Profile.png

Users will be able to share what they’re listening to via a new music section on their profiles in the near future. When a song is added to a profile, it will showcase the artist and song visually. In addition, when someone clicks play on the song, they will hear a snippet of it as well as see photos featuring the artists and the song artwork.

The music features aren't groundbreaking, but they do give users some options to spice up their photos or videos as well as profiles. The Songs on Profile is reminiscent of MySpace's popular feature so those who were once users of the original social media platform will feel a bit of nostalgia when using the feature.

SOURCE: Facebook Newsroom