Facebook launches 'Memories' page to make it easier for you to find past moments

Photo: Facebook Newsroom

Photo: Facebook Newsroom

Facebook recently rolled out a Memories page that expands on the popular On This Day feature. With Memories, the social media platform is hoping to make it easier for you to find past moments that you've shared with friends and family.  Featuring a dedicated page, Memories will feature several sections that include the following: 

On This Day will show you past posts and major life events from this date. 

Friends Made On This Day will include a list of friends you've made on this date in the past including collages and videos that celebrate your friendversaries.

Recaps of Memories will feature seasonally or monthly recaps of memories that are bundled into messages and short videos. 

Memories You May Have Missed will provide a summary of memories that you may have missed the past week. 

Taking things a step further, Facebook will provide you with easy to access controls that will allow you to make the Memories experience more personal. You have the ability to filter our certain people, dates or date ranges within the Preferences section to avoid any memories that you don't want to be reminded of. In addition, the platform automatically detects potentially negative memories based on friend reactions and certain keywords and stops the post from coming up in your News Feed. 

According to Facebook Product Manager, Ored Hod, who announced Memories via a blog post, the new section is a result of recent research that the company conducted, which concluded that memories "can have a positive impact on people's mood and overall well-being."

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SOURCE: Facebook Newsroom