Facebook Brings Instagram & IGTV Scheduling To Facebook Creator Studio

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

Facebook is finally bringing Instagram and IGTV to its Facebook Creator Studio. 


Available via desktop, Facebook Creator Studio will now feature tools for Instagram and IGTV that include content management, analytics, and perhaps, the most exciting, the ability to schedule Instagram in-feed posts and IGTV posts for those with an Instagram business account.

After connecting your Instagram business account to the Creator Studio login, you can schedule a post by simply clicking ‘Create Post’ at the top left of the screen and selecting whether you want to post to your ‘Instagram Feed’ or ‘IGTV.’ From there, you write out the caption for your post, add a location, and then upload the content that you want for your post. You then can publish the post immediately or schedule it for a date and time in the future.

Unfortunately, the ability to schedule Instagram Stories isn’t available yet. However, with the Story content format being a focus for Facebook, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see this feature available sooner than later.

This new feature will certainly be embraced by content creators across the world especially social media managers, who often have busy content calendars. There are dozens of third-party content management and scheduling tools out there like Hootsuite, but many of them have some sort of limitation due to API restrictions. Now with a Instagram native tool, many of those limitations disappear such as the ability to schedule posts that feature multiple pieces of content.

I’m looking forward to using Creator Studio especially the scheduling tool. I often find myself going through phases of not putting out content on Instagram despite having plenty of content to share. The process of picking content, adding copy, and publishing it in real-time doesn’t actually take too much time to do but during those busy days, it can be a challenge to do so.

In other social media news, TikTok recently announced a new partnership with GIPHY that brings GIF integration to the popular social media platform.

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