Ex-Tinder employees launch new professional networking app Ripple

Ripple App

A group of ex-Tinder employees including former CTO Ryan Ogle have come together to launch a new professional networking app called Ripple. The app will compete with the Microsoft-owned LinkedIn in the digital networking space, but it focuses more on networking rather than job hunting meaning that you don't have to worry about unwanted messages from recruiters or salespeople.  

It utilizes Tinder's concept of swiping left or right as well as some of the dating app's psychological principles. Ogle says Ripple isn't just “Tinder for business networking" but it does work a lot like it. In order to make connections, users must swipe through profiles that include a photo and information such as experience, education, and skills.  

Other notable features of the app include Face Connect which uses facial identification to connect a photo you've taken of someone you've met in person with their Ripple profile, a Nearby feature to find users around you, and a newsfeed with Twitter and Medium integration.  In addition, a future version of the app will include a built-in reporting feature that will help combat users who are using the app for non-professional purposes. 

As of today, Ripple is available for download on both iOS and Android. 

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SOURCE: Tech Crunch