Under Armour & A$AP Rocky officially announce their partnership

A$AP Rocky Under Armour

After rumors surfaced in July that A$AP Rocky would be joining the Under Armour family, the Baltimore-based activewear company officially announces the partnership via press release. 

The partnership will operate under UA's Sportswear line, where the rap star and fashion influencer will likely work with Tim Coppens to create a new collection that will hopefully expand the company's current reach and credibility beyond performance wear. The collection is expected to be created by the end of the year and launch at a later date. 

Although it will be interesting to see what impact Rocky will have on the brand's Sportswear line, his real impact will likely come through the partnership's philanthropic community-based programs. Due to Rocky and UA's "shared desire to positively impact the lives of youths," they will update existing and launch new community centers where students and their families can express their creativity through art, fashion, beauty, music, and sports. The initial focus will be on the neighborhoods of Baltimore, Los Angeles, and New York. 

On the partnership, Rocky states:

“I wanted more than a collaboration partner. The only way to achieve this is with someone who is likeminded. The Under Armour team, and especially CEO and Founder Kevin Plank, has a shared vision, enthusiasm, and desire to do the same. I grew up in Harlem, and had limited resources to channel my inner-creativity, so I spent too much time on the streets when I should have been more productive. I now have the ability to create a better situation for today’s kids so they can go from school to a safe place to create without boundaries. Under Armour was the company that was most excited about my idea to turn sportswear products on their head while bettering kids’ lives.”

In the past, Rocky has worked with Guess, Ferragamo, and Adidas on collaborations, which have been well-received. However, this may be his challenge in the fashion world as he tries to utilize his creativity and influence to change the general public's view of UA.  The company already has a ton of star power in Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Stephen Curry, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson but it lacks the brand recognition that its peers Nike and Adidas has. 

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