Apple Unveils New Set Of Emojis For Upcoming iOS Update

GIF: Apple Newsroom

GIF: Apple Newsroom

Apple announced that users will soon have access to more than 70 new emojis. The new set of emojis will be released as part of iOS 12.1 for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac devices.

Stretching across various categories, the set features characters with different types of hair (red hair, gray hair, curly hair), new animals (mosquito, raccoon, swan), new food items (bagel, cupcake, lettuce), new sports-related items (frisbee, softball, lacrosse), and much more.

Emojis have become vital to the way that we communicate via messaging and social media platforms. As they continue to become more popular and common in our everyday communication, Apple has made efforts to expand their library of emojis, making them more diverse and more importantly, inclusive. Next year, the company plans to launch a number of disability-related emojis that are currently under review by the Unicode Consortium.

For more details on the new emojis, read Apple's official announcement here.

SOURCE: Apple Pressroom