Apple Music Starts To Roll Out Personalized, Algorithm-Driven Playlists

Photo: Apple Music

Photo: Apple Music

Despite Apple CEO Tim Cook’s comments about “humanity being drained out of music”, Apple Music is taking a page out of Spotify’s book. Known for its library of curated and handpicked playlists, it’s now focusing its latest efforts on algorithm-driven playlists.

As of last week, the music streaming platform started to roll out an updated version of the For You feature. Similar to Spotify’s Made For You feature, the platform will make music recommendations based on a user’s current and past listening history. These recommendations will include artists, albums, playlists, and even Beats 1 episodes. They will also be organized by themes such as “Starting Early,” “To Make You Smile,” and “Start Your Week Off Right.” 

As a result, For You will be more personalized for users and be updated more frequently.

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SOURCE: MacRumors