Amazon is looking to enter the U.S. ticketing business

Amazon Logo

Amazon may be the unlikely force to take on Live Nation's Ticketmaster as it looks to enter the U.S. ticketing business. According to Reuters, the Seattle-based company is in talks with various venue owners across the country about selling tickets to concerts and events.

Amazon isn't completely new to the ticketing business. Last November, they launched Amazon Tickets in the U.K. and have had success, selling tickets to concerts featuring Elton John and theater performances such as Wicked and The Book of Morm. In fact, they outsold Ticketmaster for particular events. 

In the past, several companies including startups Universe and Front Gate have tried to battle Ticketmaster but have had little success. With Amazon's infrastructure and consumers' displeasure with Ticketmaster's high ticket fees and poor consumer service, the  world's largest retailer has the potential to grab a good percentage of Ticketmaster's consumer base and distrupt the ticketing business.  

Stay tuned for more news regarding Amazon. 

SOURCE: Reuters