Watch the latest trailer for 'Kidnap' starring Halle Berry

Halley berry kidnap poster

Academy Award winner Halle Barry returns to the big screen this summer in Kidnap, which looks to be a good thriller. After several delays, the movie is finally set to be released in theaters on August 4th.

The Luis Preito directed Kidnap features Berry playing the role of Karla Dyson, a desperate mother who takes things into her own hands and chases down the kidnappers of her son, Frankie McCoy, played by Sage Correa. 

The third and likely final trailer for the movie was recently released via YouTube. It's a rehash of the original trailer as it features the same footage but is edited differently. The original started off slowly, building up to the action, while this newer one is non-stop action from the beginning to the end. It's just a minute long, but it creates a little bit of anticipation for the movie. 

Watch the trailer below and lookout for more news leading up to the release of Kidnap