Cousin Stizz releases "Lambo" and announces the release date for 'One Night Only'

Cousin Stizz Lambo

The material that Cousin Stizz has released over the last two months has been some of his best work. As a result, there's a great amount of buzz surrounding his forthcoming project One Night Only, a follow up to last year's MONDA. 

A few days ago, he added to that buzz with a new single titled "Lambo," which some fans of the Boston rapper may have already heard live if they caught him on the Super Tour with Kyle this past spring. Its super catchy and has high replay value.  Rapping about wanting to race a Lambo and roll dice, Stizz floats with ease over the hard-hitting drums and hypnotizing synths that are provided by go to producer Tee-WaTT.  

If "Headlock," "Jo Bros" or any of the other records that Stizz put out recently don't make you excited for ONO, it's almost a guarantee "Lambo" will. Along with the new release, he revealed the project will drop July 12th via RCA Records. 

Hit play below and be sure to check out ONO later this week.