Google introduces its smart news feed that caters to your interests

Google News Feed

Today, Google introduces its new and improved smart news feed. The technology giant first previewed the feed back in December when it rolled out a version for Android users, but today it officially launches the feature, announcing it via their blog

google smart news feed

The news feed is similar to Facebook's news feed in the sense that it's personalized but Google takes it up a notch. Utilizing a upgraded algorithm, the news feed is based on your interactions with Google and what's trending on a local and national level. The more you use Google, the more efficient the feed is at showing news stories, features, videos, music, and other content that you are interested in.

google smart news feed follow

In addition to providing catered news, you can also follow your favorite topics. Certain types of search results will have a "follow" button next to them. By hitting "follow," you will be able to stay up to date with that topic and the latest stories regarding that topic will show up on your feed. 


google smart news feed mpov

Whether it's content that is handpicked for you or content that you choose to follow, the feed will include news stories from a variety of publishers, allowing you to get diverse perspectives and multiple points of views. In some cases, you will be able to fact check the stories to get a more accurate news experience. 

google smart news feed

The news feed model isn't exactly new, but it's becoming a necessary for apps. The Internet is such a big part of our everyday lives. Whether it's a news publication, blog, social media or any other digital platform, it's where we get a majority of our news and where we find out about what is happening in the world. While it's great to have unlimited news at your fingertip, most of the time, it's not news that we care about, resulting in a feeling of being overwhelmed. But, from the sound of it, Google's news feed will help with cutting down the clutter and let you focus on news that you truly care about it. 

For more on the feed, head over to Google's blog and be on the lookout for more news regarding Google in the future.