Garrett Merk reminisces about the "Simple" days


Although, I am no longer heavily involved in Boston's hip-hop scene, there's a handful of artists out of the city and the surrounding area that I keep tabs on. One of those artists is Garrett Merk.

I first came across his music in the summer of 2015 and it led me to book him for the September 2016 version of The Plug Boston, a live hip-hop series that bridged the gap between fresh Boston acts and out-of-state rising talents. Since then, its been a lot of growth for Merk. His local and national fanbase has increased but perhaps more important, he has perfected his sound, which is rare for an artist that is still in the early parts of his career.

This week, he hits the Internet with his latest offering, a song titled "Simple." With help from frequent collaborator Frace, the talented rapper takes a trip down memory lane and reminisces about days when life was simple. Listeners will easily gravitate to Merk's hypnotizing vocals but the content's relatability will bring them in closer. In a world where adulthood is complex, the days of childhood simplicity often feels like the better option. 

All in all, "Simple" is a strong track that will generate more interest in the rising talent as he builds toward his forthcoming project, which hopefully drops sooner than later. Enjoy "Simple" below.

Lindsey Gamble