Airbnb to launch luxury tier service that offers mansions, mega-houses, and penthouses


According to Bloomberg, Airbnb is launching a luxury tier rental service that includes mansions, mega-houses, penthouses, and other high end homes in the near future.

The company has made an effort recently to segment its offerings in a way that is similar to hotel chains. One of these segments is Airbnb Select, which requires hosts to keep amenities up to the standard of high-end hotels. 

As for the luxury tier, it will be a big step up from Select and cater to celebrities and other high-paying travelers. With celebrities such as Beyonce and Selena Gomez posting about their luxurious Airbnb stays on social media and the recent acquisition of Luxury Rentals for $200 million, the future launch of this new offering is a no brainer and will likely result in higher profit margins for the company. 

Stay tuned for more Airbnb news. 

SOURCE: Bloomberg