With 'One Night Only' on the way, Cousin Stizz releases "All Star"

Photo: Cousin Stizz SoundCloud

Photo: Cousin Stizz SoundCloud

Cousin Stizz’s One Night Only was due out May 12th, however its been delayed until a date that has yet to be announced to the public. In the meantime, the Dorchester representative has had a steady output of new material including the Offset assisted “Headlock," “Jo Bros,” and “Neimans Barneys” with G-Eazy. All have been well-recieved and have made the wait for ONO a little easier for fans.

In an effort to continue to hold fans over and create further anticipation for the forthcoming body of work, today (June 23rd) he releases “All Star,” a new track that is produced by frequent collaborators Tee-Watt and M. Ali, who should be familiar to Stizz enthusiasts. They played a pivotal role in his breakout project Suffolk County and it's follow up MONDA, producing strong offerings like "Dirty Bands" and "Jordan Fade." 

Over the duo's uptempo production on "All Star," Stizz delivers confidence lyrics about turning himself into a boss, motivating Fields Corner, the neighborhood where he grew up at, and being the same person but just a little richer. The hook, where he raps "Nothing changed but the change, pockets on swole like a sprain," is the latest example of his ability to craft catchy hooks that tie the verses together with ease and are memorable. 

Enjoy "All Star" below and stay tuned for the release date of One Night Only, which should arrive sooner than later.