Odell Beckham Jr. signs the most lucrative shoe deal ever by a NFL player with Nike

ODJ Nike Catch

The New York Giants' Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the NFL's most polarizing figures. Not only is he a top three talent at the wide receiver position but he's pretty entertaining.  Whether it's one handed highlight catches, buzz worthy touchdown celebrations or criticism for his sideline behavior, OBJ is a reoccurring topic on football Sundays. Simply put, he's a superstar. 

Nike looks to capitalize on that as it's reported they have re-signed him to a endorsement deal. He was previously signed to the Swoosh, but the contract expired at the beginning of May, which led to Adidas pursing and offering him a deal. But, thanks to a clause in the contract, Nike was allowed to match any offers within 10 days and the result was a new long-term deal with the Pro Bowler.  

The deal spans over five years and is worth $29 million, making it the most lucrative shoe deal ever signed by a NFL player. With incentives included, OBJ has the potential to expand the deal to eight years and make as much as $48 million. It's expected that he'll get a signature cleat, cross-trainer, and a full apparel line as well as be part of multiple branding campaigns that go beyond football and training. If his shoe does well, it will be a game changer and will definitely influence future shoe deals for NFL players. 

At the end of the day, this should be a successful partnership and be beneficial for both sides. Nike gets an influencer in the sports and pop culture world that can create even more brand awareness while OBJ gets to be the brand icon that he wants to be and continue to expand his off-field endeavors. 

Expect to see alot of him on and off the field in 2017.