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SoundCloud Announces New Service That Lets Creators Distribute Their Music To All Major Streaming Platforms

SoundCloud is expanding its SoundCloud Premier program by adding a new service that lets creators distribute their music to major streaming platforms such at Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music at no additional cost.

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Anchor's 'Smart Background Music' Provides Podcasters With Podcast-Ready Background Tracks For Free

Continuing its mission of “democratizing creation for podcasters of all experience levels,” Anchor rolls out Smart Background Music to provide podcasters with "100 beautiful, podcast-ready background tracks" that can be used for free with no commercial restrictions.

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Pandora Launches 'The Drop,' A Personalized Playlist Similar To Spotify's 'Release Radar'

Pandora launches a personalized playlist in The Drop for Pandora Premium users. Featuring as many as 100 songs, The Drop features the latest and greatest music from artists that a user likes as well as artists that they may like based on the app’s “state of the art machine learning models.”

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